ENA ICT Information and Communication Technologies

We Provide Quality and Safe Service in the IT Sector.

All the solutions you need in your digital transformation journey ENA ICT under one roof!

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We Provide <b>Quality and Safe</b> Service in the IT Sector.

ENA ICT Information and Communication Technologies


Our biggest goal is to save our customers money and time with the uninterrupted IT architectures we have created for many of our customers in different sectors, and to add added value to each of our customers with the competitive advantage we have created.

ENA ICT Information and Communication Technologies About Feedback

What Our Customers Say About Us!


As Kiğılı, we have been working with ENA ICT for many years in terms of the continuity of our operations both in Turkey and abroad. Since they are a solution company that follows the latest technological developments and offers them to their customers quickly, we continue this business relationship with great pleasure.

With their collaborative approach, time to take action and team experience they have displayed in all our multi-sided projects that have been in contact with ENA ICT so far, they have proven to us that they are the right choice and that they are a reliable business partner in this short period of time we have worked.

I think that customer satisfaction, which emerges as a result of customer and solution-oriented approaches, is extremely important and valuable.


Back-Up is a colorful world where every problem has a solution. Established in 2003 as the pioneer and leader company in personal assistant services in Turkey, Back-Up has been serving hundreds of thousands of members since 2012 with the partnership of cxLoyalty, which operates in 20 countries and it is the world leader in customer loyalty programs.

In recent years, our company has prepared itself for the conditions of being in an active, continuous cycle, where the change of technology, more mobility that has entered our lives with the pandemic, and our ways of working have changed completely, and our company has been able to adapt to the transformation. With the support of ever-changing technology, we provide more efficient service to our customers operationally.

We provide this change and transformation with technological support. We have been working with ENA ICT for about 4 years. We had the opportunity to work together on many projects. Work together in many projects such as Information Protection, KVKK, PCI DSS, Exchange, Firewall, DLP Endpoint, Network, Veeam, Vmware.

ENA ICT has enabled us to make our transformations more stable and easier with their knowledge and ability to solve problems in many of our projects, with the opportunity to reach them 24/7. They deserve praise for the attention and consultancy of its valuable and experienced team.

You only need to consult this nice team when you need it. With its solution-oriented and expert staff, the ideas, suggestions and interventions that they come up with on time bring the feeling of ongoing consultation and making projects together. This feeling strengthens our desire to work with them in many projects we will do in the future.

Cihan ADAR

ENA ICT and its valuable employees, with whom we have been working for 5 years, have signed great projects with us as a part of the Information Technologies team rather than being a business partner for our brand. We will continue to do great work with the same strength and energy.

Cihan ADAR

If you are working with ENA ICT, your work is definitely safe. You will have made a smooth progress in the digital transformation projects that will be carried out with experts in the field. It is one of the leading companies in Turkey that provides support with live replication, especially in Disaster Recovery Center projects. If you are looking for a solution against crypto viruses that lock systems such as cyber attacks and ransomeware viruses that have increased in recent years, you are really in the right place. You tell your wishes and the solution architect friends will shape your project for you. You can work with ENA ICT company, which works with ISO 27001 certified expert staff in digital transformation projects, with peace of mind.

Mustafa AYDIN

ENA ICT is a company that we have been working on for many years in the field of system support/helpdesk/system, network and end-user product supply and we have entrusted our systems blindly, and has not let us down even once, thanks to the experience of being in the sector for many years and its expert support team. With their friendly team and devoted employees, They are a system integrator that we want to continue to work with for many years to come.

Mustafa AYDIN

ENA ICT Information and Communication Technologies

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ENA ICT Informatics and Communication Technologies

All the solutions you need in your digital transformation journey are under one roof at ENA ICT!

ENA ICT <b>Informatics</b> and Communication <b>Technologies</b>

As a company that set out with the slogan of 24/7 service, we operate all over Turkey.


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